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Adhesive Sealing Films in Roll-Seal™ Format for Automation

Roll-Seal Sealing Films, Three

Excel Scientific now offers adhesive sealing films on Roll-Seal™ rolls for use with high-throughput automated microplate sealers. Film rolls, constructed on three-inch-diameter plastic cores, are compatible with most common adhesive sealers (Brandel, Thermo-Fisher/Abgene, FluidX, KBiosystems). The Roll-Seal format provides reliable and efficient sealing at a lower cost per plate with minimal user intervention. Robust static-free packaging provides protection during shipment and facilitates accurate alignment and adhesion.

  • made in USA
  • fast, efficient, high-throughput sealing; 2.5-5 seconds/plate; no handling and backing removal from individual sheets
  • hands-free; reduces chance of mishap or contamination; more uniform sealing from plate-to-plate
  • heat-free; no high temperatures to damage sensitive samples or warp plates and cause robotic handling problems
  • especially convenient when working with foils; avoids curling that occurs with individual sheets
  • economical; lower cost per plate than individual sheet seals or heat-seal films
  • easier peel for removal compared to many heat-seal films
  • high-precision dispensing with automated sealers; consistent positioning on plates
  • compatible with most current adhesive SBS plate sealers
  • static-free manufacturing and packaging facilitates alignment and adhesion
  • protective packaging prevents damage during shipping
  • plastic cores eliminate corrugate fiber dust

Roll-Seal adhesive seals are currently available in three sealing materials:

  • ThermalSeal RTS™ high-vapor-barrier, clear polyolefin with ultra-strong pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive for qPCR, sitting-drop protein crystallization, HTS, storage and general incubation applications
    • DMSO resistant
    • nuclease-, nucleic acid-, and pyrogen-free
    • recommended for real-time PCR, sitting-drop protein crystallization, HTS and storage
    • provides as strong a bond to the plate as heat-seal films without the drawbacks of heat
  • AlumaSeal® pierceable aluminum foil with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive for PCR, HTS and cold storage
    • easily pierceable for sample recovery
    • nuclease-, nucleic acid-, and pyrogen-free
    • recommended for PCR, HTS, and cold storage
  • AeraSeal™ breathable rayon films for cell and tissue culture
    • non-cytotoxic, highly gas permeable
    • easily pierceable for sample recovery
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RRTS-79x65 ThermalSeal RTS Film, 1 Roll, 79 mm wide x 65 meters long, Non-Sterile
RF-80x100 AlumaSeal Foil, 1 Roll, 80 mm wide x 100 meters long, Non-Sterile
RB-81x100 AeraSeal Film, 1 Roll, 81 mm wide x 100 meters long, Non-Sterile
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