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AeraSeal™ Sealing Films for Cell and Tissue Culture

AeraSeal Sealing Films

A 140 µm thick hydrophobic porous rayon sealing film including medical-grade adhesive for tissue culture plates, bio-blocks, and 96-well plates where gas exchange is necessary for cell or bacterial growth. AeraSeal sealing films minimize cross-contamination, spillage and evaporation. They allow uniform air and CO2 exchange for all wells, unlike plate lids which favor exchange for wells near the plate edges. Dimensions: 82.6 by 142.9 mm for standard-size tissue culture plates.

  • non-cytotoxic, highly gas permeable
  • easily pierceable with pipet tips or pipets for sample recovery
  • recommended for temperatures from -20 °C to +80 °C

* Completing application of sealing films by pressing with the accessory plate roller assures a secure uniform seal around all wells.

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B-100 AeraSeal Sealing Films, Non-Sterile
BS-25 AeraSeal Sealing Films, Sterile
RL-PLT-01 Accessory: Plate Roller *
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