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EZcap™ FoilStrips™

EZcap™ FoilStrips™

6 Strips per Sheet, 1X8 Rows per Strip

For sealing a PCR 8-tube strip or one row of a 96-well plate

An economical and more user-friendly alternative to PCR strip caps; no sore thumbs and fingers guaranteed!

Product Info

Application: PCR and light sensitive assays
Temperature Range: -20°C to +120°C

Catalog #Description:Quantity:
F2-CS1X8-300EZcap 1x8 PCR FoilStrips300

Precision cut to a smaller dimension for sealing one PCR 8-tube strip or a single row of a 96-well PCR or deep-well storage plate whenever rows must be selectively protected or accessed. FoilStrips remove easily with no splash back as can occur with strip-caps.

  • Certified DNase- & RNase- free
  • Each sheet contains 6 strips on a continuous liner for ease of use
  • Pierceable with a pipet tip or robotic probe for direct sample recovery
  • The conformable nature of foil allows for the visual verification of the seal’s security around each well
  • 2.0mil aluminum foil removes easily without tearing

Helpful Tips:

  • A non-locking workstation is recommended for sample prep (e.g. 96-well round-boom plate)
  • Removal of the end-tabs at the perforations is recommended before cycling
  • A final sealing step is highly recommended in the thermal cycler because 8-tube strips flex during handling
  • Do not fold foil around sides of tubes