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Easy-to-pierce for direct sample recovery

AlumaSeal II is a soft non-permeable aluminum foil with a strong, medical-grade acrylic adhesive.

Product Info

Application: PCR, long-term storage, light sensitive assays and robotics
Temperature Range: -80°C to +120°C

Catalog #Description:Quantity:
AF-100AlumaSeal II100
AFS-25AlumaSeal II, Sterile50

Compared to other aluminum foils, AlumaSeal II has less tendency to roll back on itself when removing the backing paper.

  • Certified DNase- & RNase- free
  • Excellent chemical resistance (e.g. DMSO)
  • Easily pierceable with single or multichannel pipettors and robotic probes
  • 1.4mil conformable aluminum foil allows visual verification of the seal’s security around each well

Helpful Tips:

  • End-tab removal before thermal cycling is highly recommended
  • Remove diagonally from a corner to prevent tearing