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For resealability and easy access without pipet tip coring or adhesive fouling

X-Pierce film is designed for short-term processing and storage of samples that require multiple access to wells by pipet tips or robotic probes.

Product Info

Application: Short-term processing and storage at ambient temperatures; robotics
Temperature Range: -40°C to +90°C

Catalog #Description:Quantity:
XPS-25X-Pierce, Sterile50

A pre-cut “X” over each well creates bendable flaps that provide sample access without coring or adhesive fouling of tips or probes. Ideal for COVID-19 sample collection in deep-well plates using swabs.

  • Pierceable
  • Printed circles aid in the alignment of the film to the plate
  • Printed alphanumerics identify each well of a 96-well plate
  • Reseals after piercing for continued sample protection

Helpful Tips:

  • To help position the film to the plate, align wells A-1 and H-12