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Excel Scientific Microplate Sealing Films

Microplate sealing films protect samples during assay processing, incubation, and storage.  Films are available in a variety of materials, adhesives, and configurations tailored to the specific application.  


ThermalSeal® films effectively minimize evaporation during thermal cycling and storage. Seals are engineered and produced to be RNase, DNase, DNA, & PCR inhibitor free. High optical clarity designs are available for qPCR.

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ELISA, general incubation, & general storage

SealPlate® films for sensitive ELISA, EIA and similar assays minimize evaporation and edge effects, and preserve sample isolation.

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Cell & Tissue Culture

AeraSeal™ films optimize cell & tissue culture providing uniform gas exchange across plates, enabling oxygen and moisture to permeate the sealing film while segregating each sample.

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Cold & Long-Term Storage

Alumaseal® foils offer RNase and DNase free sealing solutions that maintain seal integrity at temperature extremes from -80°C to 120°C. Harsh chemical resistant options are available.

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A pre-cut "X" over each well of our X-Pierce™ films, creates flaps for easy sample access. The adhesive free zone of ZoneFree™ film pierces easily without risk of adhesive fouling.

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Specialty Films

AbsorbMax™ film absorbs light, protecting light sensitive samples and reducing stray light in fluorescence assays. BrightMax™ light reflecting film maximizes the signal intensity for luminescence assays.

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