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ThermalSeal® RTS™

ThermalSeal® RTS™

Optically Clear, Silicone Adhesive

Features a pressure-activated, non-tacky, silicone adhesive

ThermalSeal RTS provides an extremely strong seal to minimize evaporation.

Product Info

Application: qPCR, long-term storage, protein crystallography & HPLC
Temperature Range: -80°C to +105°C

Catalog #Description:Quantity:
TSS-RTQ-100ThermalSeal RTS100
TSS-RTQ-25NEW! ThermalSeal RTS 25
TSS-RTQS-50ThermalSeal RTS, Sterile50
RRTS-79x65Roll-Seal, ThermalSeal RTS1 Roll

The silicone adhesive is non-tacky until pressure is applied to the sealing surface which then creates a secure bond around the wells and perimeter of the plate. Also ideal for dry samples (e.g. soil, seeds, insects, etc.) because the non-activated adhesive above the wells remains non-tacky. A roller or sealing paddle is highly recommended for use with this product to ensure consistent and adequate pressure is applied during the sealing process.

  • Certified DNase- & RNase- free
  • Now available 25/ pack, “you asked, we listened.”
  • Handling and plate positioning is simplified as a result of the non-tacky adhesive
  • Chemically resistant to DMSO, acetonitrile, and methanol
  • Ideal for use with flat-top, raised-rim and non-skirted PCR plates
  • High optical clarity and low auto-fluorescence
  • Available in roll format for automation: ThermalSeal RTS Roll-Seal
  • A complimentary sealing paddle is included in each box

Helpful Tips:

  • Sufficient pressure must be applied to activate the silicone adhesive
  • Multiple swipes of the sealing paddle in both directions is highly recommended
  • A 10 minute or greater wait period before thermal cycling increases the film-to-plate bond