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SealPlate® RollMate™

SealPlate® RollMate™

Dispenser +1 Roll of SealPlate Film, 500 Pre-Scored Sheets

Pre-scored film in a convenient, easy to use roll format

Pre-scored film on a roll is a more economical and efficient alternative to rapidly seal microplates or racked test tubes; faster than applying single sheeted film.

Product Info

Application: General laboratory use, short-term storage, incubation and ELISA
Temperature Range: -40°C to +120°C

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SP2-RL-500SealPlate RollMate500/Roll

Self-standing, non-slip supports hold the pre-scored film roll securely in place for quick and easy bench-top dispensement. The roll unwind tension can be easily adjusted to user preference. Continuous backing liner can be torn off or fed directly into a waste basket for disposal.

  • Economical
  • Quicker, more efficient sealing
  • Provides a secure seal and is easy to remove
  • Rigid polyester film features good clarity and easy handling
  • Can be used as a temporary seal while awaiting further processing