Sealing Films for Laboratory Microplate Applications

Excel Scientific Inc. manufactures a variety of adhesive sealing films for evaporation prevention and sample protection during processing, storage, and shipment in 96-well, 384-well, and 1536-well microplates and larger-well tissue culture plates. Excel's approach to product design is application-based. The materials, properties, adhesive composition and manufacturing of Excel sealing film products are tailored to optimize performance in specific laboratory microplate applications.

Free Sealing-Film Samples

Free samples are available on request for qualified end-users and Excel Scientific distributors. Order by clicking "Request Sample Pack" links on our product pages from directory below.

SealPlate microplate sealing film for ELISA
adhesive sealing films for ELISA/EIA and general inclubation.

ThermalSeal sealing film for PCR
transparent sealing film for PCR and real-time PCR.

AlumaSeal pierceable microplate sealing foil for PCR
pierceable foil sealing films for PCR, robotics and freezer storage.

X-Pierce microplate sealing films for robotics
EZ-Pierce™, Zone-Free™, and X-Pierce™
pierceable sealing films for robotics and automation.

AeraSeal microplate sealing films for cell and tissue culture
air-permeable sealing film for cell and tissue culture.

AbsorbMax black microplate sealing films for fluorescence
black sealing film for fluorescence and photoprotection.

plate sealing roller
Sealing film accessories