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Texan Reagent Reservoirs for multichannel pipetting
Texan Reagent Reservoirs for multichannel pipets
Texan Reagent Reservoirs for multichannel pipettes
  • Now available from stock
  • Improved design

The design of our 175 mL TexanTM reagent reservoirs has been refined to include:

  • volume graduations to 150 mL
  • a reinforced base that won't wobble on the counter, preventing spills
  • a new easy-to-open latch that can be manipulated with one hand
  • greater clarity for improved visibility of contents

Texan reagent reservoirs are reusable -- an environmentally sound alternative to disposable reagent reservoirs. Their extra-large capacity means fewer refills and time saved. The V-shaped basin is compatible with both eight- and twelve-place multiple pipettors with minimal reagent waste. Lids are removable -- attached with ball and socket hinges -- and latch tightly for secure storage of left-over reagents. With lids closed, Texan reagent reservoirs are stackable. A perimeter ridge on the lid prevents sliding. Construction is clear, chemical-resistant, autoclavable polypropylene. Molded graduation marks provide volume indication at 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, and 150 mL.

Available sterile and non-sterile. Sterile reagemt reservoirs are supplied in bags of 5, nonsterile in bags of 10, both within outer packages of 100.

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Catalog No. Description
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RSV-L175-S05 Texan™ Reagent Reservoir with Lid, Sterile
RSV-0175-S05 Texan™ Reagent Reservoir without Lid, Sterile
RSV-L175-N10 Texan™ Reagent Reservoir with Lid, Non-Sterile
RSV-0175-N10 Texan™ Reagent Reservoir without Lid, Non-Sterile
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High-Resolution Image Downloads

For our distributors' use in catalogs, brochures, advertisements, and exhibits, high-resolution JPEG images of Texan reagent reservoirs are available for download from our Hi-Resolution Image Gallery: Texan Reagent Reservoir.