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Fun Days at the Office: From Kiddos to Sports Jerseys

At Excel Scientific, we believe that work should be a mix of professionalism, dedication, and of course, a sprinkle of fun! Over the past few weeks, our office has come alive with energy, enthusiasm, and a dash of creativity, all thanks to our special events: “Take Your Kid to Work Day” and “Spirit Day”. Here’s a little peek into the excitement that has been unfolding.

Take Your Kid to Work Day

When was the last time you saw a little superhero helping with the photocopying or a junior artist lending her colored pencils for that important presentation? That was the scene at our office during the “Take Your Kid to Work Day”. The atmosphere was palpably electric, filled with the infectious energy and curiosity of the little ones.

  • Junior Office Tours: Our young guests were taken on a tour of the office, where they got to see where their parents work and how a typical day unfolds. Their eyes widened at the sight of the clean room, and they even got to gown up!



  • Desk Decorations: Kids added their special touch to their parents’ workstations, leading to an array of drawings, crafts, and toys enlivening the usual office decor.

  • Interactive Sessions: Employees hosted a series of short interactive sessions for the kids, teaching them about the basics of our business in a fun, engaging manner.

  • Water Balloon Fight: Because no work day is complete without one.


The day was not just about fun and games, though. It offered children an insightful look into their parents’ professional lives, helping them appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into a regular workday. Plus, our employees cherished the opportunity to share a slice of their work life with their kids.

Spirit Day: Sports Edition

If “Take Your Kid to Work Day” was about heartwarming family moments, our Spirit Day was a bold display of camaraderie and team pride. But instead of rooting for our office teams, this was all about showcasing love for our favorite sports teams!

The office looked like a vibrant sports carnival, with jerseys ranging from soccer, baseball, basketball, and more. You could spot iconic jerseys like those of the Dodgers, Cowboys, and the Red Sox.

Spirit Day was a testament to the power of sports in uniting people. It was a beautiful sight to see colleagues bond over shared love for a team, or indulge in friendly banter about sports rivalries.



Such events remind us that while work is essential, taking out time to bond with your colleagues and integrating elements of fun can greatly uplift overall morale. At Excel Scientific, we are all about creating a harmonious blend of work and play. Here’s to many more fun days at the office!

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