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New Product Launch

Introducing AdvanceSeal™ Heat Seal Peelable, Transparent Film

Excel Scientific is launching a new product; the AdvanceSeal™ Heat Seal Peelable, Transparent Film. Designed to cater to the demanding needs of PCR and long-term storage applications, this new addition to our portfolio will revolutionize how you protect and preserve your critical samples.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Protection Against Evaporation: Ensures your samples remain secure and uncontaminated.
  • Easy Peelability: Removes effortlessly from the plate surface without leaving residue.
  • Certified Contaminant-Free: Free from detectable levels of DNase, RNase, and Human DNA, ensuring
    PCR certification.
  • Temperature Resilience: Suitable for a wide range of temperatures, from extreme cold (-80°C) to high
    heat (+105°C).
    Plate Compatibility: Works seamlessly with various plate materials like polypropylene, dual component (polycarbonate/polypropylene), and polystyrene.
  • Heat Sealer Compatibility: Perfectly matches with leading brands like Kbiosystems, Porvair, Azenta, ThermoFisher, and Agilent PlateLoc.

AdvanceSeal™ Heat Seal Peelable, Transparent Film will be a valuable addition to your laboratory, enhancing the integrity and efficiency of your research.


AdvanceSeal™ Heat Seal Peelable, Transparent Film is available for purchase April 2024. Samples are available now upon request.

CLICK HERE to learn more or CLICK HERE to request a sample.

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