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Multi-Swipe™ Plate-Sealing Paddles

Multi-Swipe™ Plate-Sealing Paddles

For sealing flat-top and raised-rim plates

Product Info

Application: Plate-sealing
Material: Polyethylene

Catalog #Description:Quantity:
PDL-5PKPaddle, 1 bag of 55

The Multi-Swipe plate-sealing paddle ensures a secure and uniform, pressure-sensitive seal around all wells and is an economical alternative to plate rollers. Plate-sealing paddles are designed for use with all plate types.

  • Reusable, recyclable
  • The semi-soft, pliable sealing surfaces prevent the film/foil from being torn or ripped
  • The non-flat contoured side is designed to go down to the plate; the center raised textured surface provides a non-slip finger hold
  • Features two sealing surfaces: the shorter length fits inside the walls of raised-rim plates; the longer length is ideal for flat-top and deep-well plates
  • Features two unique sized corner radii: 1/8 inch (0.3175 centimeter) and 1/16 inch (0.1588 centimeter) to seal around the plate perimeter; the tighter radii is for use with raised-rim PCR plates

Recommended Usage Tips

  • The printed side is used to seal the film to the plate
  • Multiple swipes of the sealing paddle in both directions is highly recommended
  • A 10 minute or greater dwell time at room temperature before processing increases the film-to-plate bond