News About Sealing Films, Foils, and Other Excel Products


August 16, 2010.
Low-Cost Sealing Film Applicator: a Revolutionary New Way of Applying Sealing Films to Microplates


April 28, 2010.
Adhesive Films in Roll Format for Automated Microplate Sealing

ThermalSeal RTS

January 12, 2009.
ThermalSeal RTSTM
High-Clarity Sealing Films for qPCR and Protein Crystallization

New Building

October 21, 2008.
Excel Scientific Moves to New State-of-the-Art Facility

Website Feature

August 5, 2008.
New Website Feature Assists in Purchasing Products

BrightMax Sealing Films

March 7, 2008.
White Films Serve Luminescence and Microscopy Applications

ThermalSeal A Sealing Films

February 8, 2008.
ThermalSeal ATM
Advanced Film has Strong Adhesive for PCR Sealing and Storage

New MiniStrips Sealing Films

August 29, 2007.
New Format Provides Added Convenience

AlumaSeal CS Sealing Films

December 15, 2006.
AlumaSeal CSTM
New Aluminum Foil Sealing Film has Special Adhesive for Cold Storage

AbsorbMax Sealing Films

November 29, 2006.
New Black Sealing Films Aid in Fluorescence and Photo-Protection

Texan Reagent Reservoirs

August 21, 2006.
Improved Design, New Availability for Popular Reagent Reservoir

ThermalSeal RT2RR Sealing Films

July 14, 2006.
ThermalSeal RT2RRTM
New Real-Time PCR Sealing Film for Raised-Rim Plates

Sealing Film Guide

February 24, 2006.
Selection Guide for Sealing Films

X-Pierce Sealing Films

February 16, 2006.
Precut Pierceable Sealing Films for Automation

New AlumaSeal Sealing Films

January 10, 2006.
AlumaSeal 96TM and AlumaSeal 384TM
Single-Tab Aluminum Sealing Foils for PCR and Storage

Plate Bottom Labels

December 5, 2005.
Convenient Labels for 96-Well Plates

ColorTab Sealing Films

July 10, 2005.
Sealing Films with Color-Coded End Tabs

EZ-Pierce Sealing Films

May 05, 2005.
Pierceable Sealing Films for Microplates

serological pipets

February 25, 2005.
Compact Serological Pipets

Zone-Free Sealing Films

September 5, 2004.
Pierceable Sealing Film Prevents Adhesive Fouling

ThermalSeal RT Sealing Films

May 5, 2004.
ThermalSeal RTTM
New Ultra-Clear Film for Real-Time PCR

AlumaSeal II Sealing Films

January 7, 2003.
AlumaSeal IITM
Sealing Films for PCR